The business consultants of KON-PART are aware of their responsibility. For that reason we have defined the principles that determine our thinking and actions. They serve as guidelines for daily business and are the basis for the quality and success of our consulting services.

I Professionalism

The way we think and act is always based
on the highest professionalism.

II Discretion

We will protect the shared information
with utmost discretion.

III Trust

We treat the trust you place
in us as valuable delicate goods.

IV Excellence

We focus exclusively on top clients
as well as top candidates.

V Competence

Top consultancy is based on an excellent knowledge
of human nature and is alway a management issue.

VI Flexibility

We offer personnel consultancy in all branches,
hierarchies and departments.

VII Price consciousness

Our fee is always appropriate and transparent,
our service efficient.

VIII Partnership

Openness and straightforwardness are the
basis of our solid, fair cooperation.

IX Image

Our high qualification and capabilities
characterise our appearance.

X Sustainability

Our service aims at lasting success
for clients and candidates.