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Excellent Solutions through Competence and Personality

Since 1986 KON-PART’s business consultants are committed to an in-depth personnel marketing. They do not only fill positions but analyse and at times newly define requirements together with the client.

This leads to results that satisfy all parties involved; the client whose new specialist or executive, professionally and personally, fulfils the desired profile; the specialist or executive whose qualification and personality fits to an optimum the position within the company; and, finally, the business consultant who has successfully lead the selection process with diligence, competence and personality.

The personal, individual contact of the business consultant with clients and candidates has inevitably resulted in the performance of KON-PART to go far beyond the placement of personnel.

The questioning of required personnel competences and the job advertisement entail that KON-PART’s business consultants may propose a change or repositioning of structures, within the company; the goal being not only to obtain a perfect fit for the vacant position but also to better prepare the department in question for its future tasks.

Personnel consultation with personality

The Business Consultants

It takes an entrepreneur to fully understand a company, to analyse its culture and assess the internal structures and processes.
This qualification unites KON-PART’s business consultants, who bring a variety of work experiences, market and trade competences, to the personnel marketing table. The extensive knowledge of company structures and the functioning of family-owned, medium-sized companies are the basis for the partnership and personal collaboration that is backed by trust and respect.

Beyond that, international commissions are part of the business consultants’ day-to-day business as they form part of an international network familiar with different communication expectations and processes – an important criterion in today’s globalized world.