Identifying and making intelligent use of potential

KON-PART business consultants are committed to in-depth personnel consulting. For this reason, the detailed analysis of the candidates is a possible prerequisite for a realistic assessment of skills and potential.

In the online analysis, the candidates evaluate certain terms and statements and create a personal ranking. The individual evaluation by KON-PART helps the candidates and the prospective employer to recognise and to make targeted use of professional behaviour, attitudes and moral concepts.

You can access the online analysis by means of a code, which your KON-PART consultant would be pleased to provide you with.

For the Online Analysis

I hereby explicitly affirm, with reference to the relevant data protection provisions (federal data protection law), that the data entered in the questionnaire solely concern me personally and not the data of third parties.

I also expressly agree that the personal data as well as the answers given in the questionnaire may be stored on a server of the licensor of teh product Success Insights specifically Success INSIGHTS MDI International®, located in the EU. Success INSIGHTS MDI® meets the requirements of BDSG. This is audited and certified at regular intervalls.

Your data will be treated confidentially and not passed on to third parties.